The City Council of Molina already has a new government team

Mayor Esther Clavero puts as number two Fernando Manuel Miñana Hurtado, of Podemos

Mayor Esther Clavero puts as number two Fernando Manuel Miñana Hurtado, of Podemos


The mayor of Molina de Segura, Esther Clavero Mira, reported Tuesday on the distribution of delegations of the government team of Molina de Segura City Council, where he appears as number two and First Deputy Mayor, Fernando Manuel Miñana Hurtado, of Podemos.

Clavero will be in charge of Protocol, Press, Radio Company, Sports, European Projects, Presidency of the Board of Directors of the Local Board of Citizen Participation and the Presidency of Sercomosa.

Miñana Hurtado will be in charge of the areas of Citizen Security, the Local Police Headquarters, Traffic, Transparency, Electronic Administration, Modernization and Administrative Simplification, Information and Communication Technologies, as well as Youth, Citizen Service, Presidency of the Information Commission of the Information Society, the Municipal Council of Youth and the Police Coordination Board against gender violence.

The Second Deputy Mayor, Ángel Navarro García, of the PSOE, will be in charge of the areas of Social Welfare, Gender Violence, Human Resources, Presidency of the Personnel Information Commission, the General Negotiation Table and the Municipal Council of Social Welfare .

The Third Deputy Mayor, José de Haro González, of the PSOE, will take charge of Economy, promotion and economic strategy; Commerce; Estate; Hiring Heritage; Cemetery; Archive; Signature for the organization and realization of payments and operations in bank accounts.

Likewise, it will be responsible for the signing of accounting documents, signing of credit modification files, signing of contracting files; return of undue income; as well as any economic and tax resolution; with express sanctioning faculty; and the approval of fiscal registers and tax settlements and other public revenue revenues.

Equally, it will show the responsibilities of urbanism; Urban planning, management and discipline; Urban licenses and other qualifying titles; Sanctioning proceedings in urban matters; Sanctioning files on environmental discipline.

Finally, it will be in charge of execution orders for safety, health and decoration; activity licenses and other qualifying titles; of the Presidency Special Commission of Accounts; of the Presidency Finance Information Commission; of the Presidency Urbanism Information Commission; and of the Presidency of the Special Commission of Industry and Commerce.

Andrés Martínez Cervantes, of the PSOE, will be in charge of Policies for Labor Insertion; Commerce; and Local Parties.

María Esther Sánchez Rodríguez, from the PSOE, will take charge of Public Health (with sanctioning authority); Consumer policies; Municipal Office of Consumer Information; Presidency of the Municipal Health Council; and Chair of the General Affairs Information Commission.

Pedro Jesús Martínez Baños, from Claro that Podemos Molina de Segura, will be responsible for the competences of Culture; Crafts; and Citizen Participation.

Rocío Balsalobre Sánchez, from Cambiemos Molina de Segura, will manage the housing competencies; Management of public buildings; Tourism; Equality; Chair of the Special Commission for Attention to Persons at Risk of Eviction; Presidency of the Municipal Council of Equal Opportunities; and Chair of the Follow-up Table of the SIVI-CAVI Agreement.

Fuensanta Martínez Jiménez, of the PSOE, will be in charge of Education; Municipal services (water supply, lighting, parks and gardens, street cleaning and urban solid waste); Public road Municipal Works; Infrastructures of new urban developments; and Execution orders (public road and cleaning of lots).

He will also hold the responsibilities of Head of the Municipal Works Brigade; of the Headquarters of the Immediate Acting Service Street vendor; the Presidency of the Municipal Council of Preschool Education Centers; the Presidency of the Municipal School Council; and the Presidency of the Municipal Commission of Absenteeism and School Abandonment.

María Purificación Carbonell Capel, from Cambiemos Molina de Segura, will be in charge of the Environment (Natural Environment, Environmental and Environmental Education, Urban Environment (Ecoembes, wastewater and regenerated, CHS, Esamur), and Presidency of the Molina 21 Council.

Antonio López Vidal, from IU-Verdes Molina de Segura, will take charge of Urbanizations and Urban Entities Collaborating Conservation. Mobility; as well as of Pedanías, agriculture and rural environment.

Esther Clavero, who took office as mayor on March 29, recalled that “the Municipal Socialist Group, Change and Win Molina signed a programmatic agreement with which we went on March 29 to full investiture in which I was elected mayor of our city. “

After announcing the group of men and women “who will put everything in their power to develop this consensus government program,” he explained that it has three priority lines, which are “the creation of employment associated with a reindustrialization plan and support for trade and attention to situations of social need, which immediately puts a solution to the families of Molinense who are the worst. “

Finally, he added at a press conference, “continue to improve the instruments of municipal transparency and channels and means for citizen participation.”

“The government agreement, which today we put councilors and councilors delegates in each of the areas, aims to respond and solve the problems that affect our neighbors, with maximum responsibility,” explained Clavero.

“A government team faithful reflection of the plurality of Molinense society, manifested in the past municipal elections, which I am convinced will be able to re-boost our city, thus overcoming the paralysis that was in the last years of the Popular Party government” .

An agreement “that combines the electoral proposals of the parties that form it, and in which, without forgetting the mutual respect to our singularities, the unity of action in defense of the general interest of the Molinians prevails”, has indicated the mayoress .

Finally, Esther Clavero pointed out that it is “a plural team of men and women that combines three elements, in my opinion, indispensable today: management skills, honesty and a recognized social commitment. that “The whole is more than the sum of the parts”.

A government team that only attends to the task of getting Molina de Segura to recover the leadership as an industrial city and services, and abandon the first positions that today occupies in poverty and social inequality. To achieve the above, we will direct all our efforts. “