Donna Davis bail bonds -What is it and how do I get a bail bond in Las Vegas?


As a matter of fact, at that sacred moment of our day’s dinner in front of the TV, or even in that uncompromised subway conversation about the chaos that is our country, you have already heard the following phrase: “Harris paid bail and left prison”.

Surely you’ve heard! Even more so now with the various operations initiated by the Federal Police, this expression has become very common.

Well! Let’s talk a little bit about this?

To avoid confusion, it is important to clarify that today I will speak only of the Guaranty in Criminal Law.


What is it and how do I get a bail bond in Las Vegas?

Getting straight to the point, and for simplicity, judicial bail is nothing more than a guarantee given to ensure compliance with some contract or something.

In Criminal Law the goal is the same.

An individual collected pays the Bond stipulated, depending on the case, by a Delegate or Judge, serving as a guarantee for his freedom.

The amount stipulated for bail must mainly observe the seriousness of the crime being investigated and also the financial situation of the investigated.

From there, he has paid bail, the person regains his freedom.

Yeah, and then?

Here is the following case:

Imagine that in the future the defendant will be cleared of the charges, what will happen to the money paid as bail?

Now, it is clear that ALL the value must be monetarily updated and returned to the rightful owner, since the Guarantee, as already explained, is a guarantee, a guarantee. This is called bail bond restitution.

However, in the hour of joy, and also because of the time that lasted the process, many people end up forgetting this money. Only money does not disappear, does it?

He’s in someone’s hands.

So if you have any family member or friend who is or has ever been in this situation, guide him or her. The return of this amount must be sought by the lawyer.

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